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Foundation for Pharmaceutical Statistics

The Dutch Foundation for Pharmaceutical Statistics (SFK) collects exhaustive data about the use of pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands since 1990.

The SFK directly gathers its data from more than 98 % of the community pharmacies in the Netherlands.
In 2022 the pharmacies on our panel combined served about 16 million people, dispensing drugs or medical aids some 210 million times. 

Facts and Figures: a pharmaceutical overview

Annually the SFK publishes the results of the information gathered during the previous year in the Dutch brochure ‘Data en Feiten’. Periodically we also publish an English translation of the Dutch brochure. 

‘Facts and Figures 2022’ is a result of the information that the SFK gathered during the year 2021. With this magazine the SFK offers a pactical overview of the development in medicinal use and the most important pharmaceutical data in the Netherlands.

Data gathering from public pharmacies in the Netherlands

For each dispensation, the SFK registers information about the drug supplied, the dispensing pharmacy, the health insurance company that does or does not reimburse the remedy, the prescribing doctor and the patient for whom the prescription was issued. With this, the SFK has the most elaborate collection of data in this field in the Netherlands. Thorough validation routines and well-tried statistical procedures guarantee the high quality and representativeness of the SFK-data.
With regard to the registration of data concerning drug consumption, the SFK pays a great deal of attention to the privacy of the parties involved. Privacy regulations guarantee the privacy of the participating pharmacists.
With regard to the prescribing doctor and the patient, the SFK only uses anonymously gathered data.
The main goals of the SFK are supporting the promotion of:

  • excellent pharmaceutical services;
  • scientific practice of pharmacy;
  • promotion of community pharmacist's interests in the Netherlands.

Requesting info

If you would like to submit an information request, or if you have any questions regarding the SFK you can contact us.


Foundation for Pharmaceutical Statistics-
Stichting Farmaceutische kengetallen (SFK)

Correspondence Address
Postbus 30460 
2500 GL The Hague 
The Netherlands 
telephone +31 70 3737444

Visiting address:
Alexanderstraat 11
2514 JL The Hague



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